Adventuring Bali With Bali Driver

bali driverBali Island became one of the favorite tourist destinations of Indonesian tourists and foreign tourists to vacation. Tourist attractions in Bali driver were never empty of tourists for recreation. It is viewed the beautiful scenery to spend the holidays with friends and family. Bali is an island of many stores tourist destinations, ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, marine tourism and much more can be found on the island which often called Dewata Island.

Tourism Places in Bali Driver Instead of Beach

For those of you who’ve been to Bali holiday travel course, the beach is part of tourism in Bali that cannot be separated from tourist activities there and most of the tourist beach in Bali. If you have already bored or want to find a different atmosphere than the beach in Bali, attractions other than beaches on of Bali driver also did not lose much to know where any tourist attraction. Ubud is a tourist spot located in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia. Region Ubud Bali is very famous especially by foreign tourists because of the location situated between the fields and forests that lie between mountain ravines that create very beautiful natural scenery. The Location of Ubud is in Giana regency, if from Denpasar airport approximately 40 kilometers away, and it takes about 1.5 hours to be able to reach this place.

The next place is Bali Botanical Gardens. This place is a unique place on the island of Bali which combines the study of botany, plant conservation, education and recreation. Here you can relax while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness while learning the benefits of plants to people’s lives. In any botanical garden, you can see the tropical rain forest plants and bird life. The location is about 60 KM from Denpasar. You can use Bali driver to reach them.

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