BMW X5 Review

AlldiscoverFor some people, choosing a car is not only about specification, but also the brand. The brand of the car is not only because it is prestigious, but also because it has a name and the name has been earned because of their quality of creating good cars. This is why some people choosing to pay more for the car which has a big brand like BMW because they know that the name equals the quality of the car. So here, you will find one of the cars from BMW which is X5 and it will be described here the specification and also anything related to the car itself. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the car, you can read it here.

Specification of BMW X5

There are a lot of things you need to know about this kind of car. The first thing is about the engine. The engine of the BMW X5 is really good, and even this car has four and a half stars out of five from the consumer rating as it is one of the best cars in its class. The engine of this car is using the inline 6 cylinders with 3.0-liter displacement. This can be good for you if you like to drive your car at high speed with the smooth drive. The transmission of this car is shiftable automatic and there is 8 speed of transmission so it makes you even comfortable in driving it. This car produces around 300 horsepower and which is powerful remembering this is an SUV car. For the feature in this car, this car is completed with the USB connection and total around 9 speakers which you can enjoy your ride and listen to music in it.

Those are all about the specification of BMW X5. If you need more information about car specification or anything related to it, then you can visit to make you understand about more cars. There is more information that you can find there and you also find the pictures of the car so it makes you more interested in the car.

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