Changing Wallpaper with Chevy Silverado Wallpaper

Car WallpaperThis article tells about how to change the wallpaper for the computer with Chevy Silverado wallpaper. Many people don’t know how to change wallpaper and screen Saver. It is really quite easy to change the wallpaper and screen Saver, here’s the best step to change the wallpaper and screen Saver.

Steps to Change the Chevy Silverado Wallpaper on the Computer Windows 7

First, you have to be on the desktop. Then, click Right-click on any point of the desktop screen. Select personalize with a left click. After appearing a desktop background, write click left desktop background. This is where we will choose the image that we want to use as wallpaper on our computer. If there is no image which you like, you can choose the Chevy Silverado wallpaper image or photo which you have in a folder. It’s easy, just click on the top of the browser. Then choose where you store images or photos that you want. Click on the image you want; it will automatically appear on our starting place. If you have already agreed with the picture (with a check mark), now you can choose the picture position. In the picture, you can choose the position such as Fit, Fill, Tile, Stretch, and Center. Choose what you like. If you select multiple images to be made wallpapers you can set the time. Time is useful for the duration that is the needed for wallpaper image transitions. The last step is clicking Save Changes, finally, the wallpaper replaced. Then, how about changing the screen saver?

First, we have to do the same way when we are replacing wallpaper. Click the screen saver on the bottom right. Click the browser where you save a picture of Chevy Silverado wallpaper. Once done, you can see the screen saver running and click apply. Lastly, you have to click save.

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