Factors Influencing The Food You Need

Health lifeHow much food should we eat? Maybe this question becomes the common thing asked by people today. As it is known that the need of food is different in each person. In this case, each person will need different calories. There are some factors which influence the food you need. Then what are the factors which influence it? Below will be the explanation about those factors.

  1. Gen

For the first factor is gen. Of course, it will influence someone of the food they need to consume. In this case, there are certain people who have obesity gene. It means that their appetite can be higher than other people. Thus, for those people they must control their eating habit to get a healthier body. Choosing healthy food is a good idea here.

  1. Sex

Male and female need different calories each day. Usually, the male will need a higher calorie rather than female. We can see that from the portion when they eat. Here male tend to consume more food than female. Thus, you cannot think that male and female will have the same need of food they must consume.

  1. Age

Moreover, age becomes the next factor which you must know relating to the need of the food. In this case, children will need different food from the teenagers and teenagers will need different food from the adult too. Here, adults need higher calories rather than the younger people. That is why adults need much food.

  1. Activities

After that activities influence the need of the food as well. For instance, is weightlifting, of course, will need a higher calorie rather than a worker in a company who spends their day by sitting on a seat. Thus, more active you are more calories you need to be burnt too.

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