Getting Enough Fluid for Your Body

Health careFluid is something that all people need to lose their thirst. Some people love to drink mineral water and some of them love to consume the water with some flavor. No matter what it is, it is still useful for your body. For your information, human body consist of 90% water which means that you have to get a large amount of water to make your body works well. People who get less water than it should be will be dehydrated and it will make them feel worse. Although some people don’t know about it and some of them also don’t know what it feels, but dehydration is the condition which your body really needs water to stay healthy and if you don’t get enough water in short time, your body will react badly as you will find some diseases coming like kidney stone and some other serious diseases. Here, you will find everything you need to know about water for your body to make you understand about its function.

Water is important for our body as it will make our body works well. The kidney is the organ that really needs water to make its function works well. It filters the liquid in your body and also the blood. Without enough water, the blood will be thicker and it will be hard for the kidneys to filter the blood with that condition. The worse thing is that your kidney will get damage and you will lose its function. Another thing that really important about water is that makes you feel the focus and feel stronger.

Have you ever felt a day when you are not getting enough water? Your body tired and you suffer a headache. It is because the blood is thick and it enters your heart and your head, so your heart will be harder to pump the blood itself which makes your body feel tired and the blood flows slowly t your head which makes your head is in pain. So, from now, consume enough water and love your body better to make you enjoy your life.

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