Packed Meal with Healthy Food Recipes

Healthy Food RecipesEvery homemaker wants to serve the best food every day. Also, they want to make some various foods to be consumed for their family. If you are a homemaker but also a career woman, usually you don’t have time to serve complicated healthy food recipes. Thus, the fast food will help you much. It is because the fast food is simple and fast when making. Making fast food at home is healthier than buying outside. We also guarantee the cleanliness of the food. Thus, the food is safe for our family.

Making Fast Food with Healthy Food Recipes

The home fast food can be for a packed meal to our children at school. Because the homemaker is very busy in the morning, they have to make a simple packed meal to their children. However, the ingredient should be nutritious and suitable for the healthy food recipes. There are fast foods that using simple ingredients like sandwich, sausage, omelet, roast bread, and smoked chicken. Those foods can be a reference for you as a busy homemaker.

For making a sandwich, we need four pieces of white bread, a tablespoon of margarine used as a spread, two pieces of smoked beef, two eggs, two pieces of cheese, watercress, tomato thinly sliced. As the main ingredients, the bread is spread with margarine. Then, roast it until the bread is getting brown. Then, fry the smoked beef. Take a slice of bread and spread the smoked beef, egg, cheese, and tomato on it. Then, take slice bread again to cover the fill.  Then, the next recipe is making fried bread with smoked chicken. We need Wheat bread, smoked chicken breast, cheese slice, lettuce, japan cucumber, egg, and breadcrumb. It is very easy to make it. First, fill the bread with lettuce, smoked chicken, cheese, and cucumber. Then, cover it with the bread crumb. Lastly, fry it until brown. Those healthy food recipes are perfect to be a packed meal.

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