IT Review of Rooting Android

yunarwinardi.comRoot Android or rooting Android is the Android operating system modification process so users have unlimited access where users are allowed to make changes such as adding, removing even damaging elements to be found in the Android OS. Root actually refers to a super user who is an administrator in all Linux-based operating systems including Android. An administrator account has full access to the system, where the user can do anything like the true developer. In this case, any small activity refers to the conversion of the Android operating system by the super user root can be categorized as a developer.

IT Review of Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Rooting activity is allowed due to the Android operating system is open source or open source. In other words, everyone can contribute to being Android developers and make changes in the absolute. However, this activity has advantages and disadvantages, especially when the user is not experienced in such matters.

Rooting Android can indeed be done by anyone who has the ability tweaking the Android operating system. But the end result rooting activity is performed depends on the user’s ability to customize the system which the result can be an increase in performance or even malfunctions. And here are some possibilities that could occur from rooting activity. The advantages are unlimited access to the Android operating system in which a user with access rights ‘root’ can freely make changes to any appropriate developer. Default application vendor can remove unwanted by users and add applications that are not supplied by the Android developer. It can Control of a complete application, including making backup applications and systems, recovery systems so that when you want to reinstall or factory reset, users do not need to search for and download again. Can change the look by installing a custom ROM or even upgrade to a higher version so that users who have the ability in the field of developing can create personalized versions of Android. See other articles at

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