Super Foods to Get Rid Constipation

Health careConstipation means that you take so many foods that lacks of the fiber. You know that fiber is important for your body so that you can actually make your digestion system work well. However, many people still do not put their care on such thing. As a consequence, they may feel constipation every day. It would be so nice for you to find a way in order to make you get rid of your constipation. If you have it, you can actually have natural remedies from several kinds of food so that you can get over it as soon as possible. Here are several foods that can be the relief of your constipation:

  • Guava

Guava is a kind of fruit which grow in several tropical countries. You can go to the groceries and find such thing in order to make your constipation cured. It is good for you to have it as a juice when you have constipation. It helps your produce the mucus so that you can get a good way for your digestion system.

  • Orange

Orange can also be the remedy when you have constipation. It is rich in Vitamin C and also the fiber. It would be nice for you to have it every day after breakfast. On the other hand, you can also have it thoroughly without peeling needed so that you can actually get rid your constipation with such fruit.

  • Seeds

Seeds contain plenty of fiber which can make your digestion system feel so good to do. This is actually good for you to have such thing so that you can relieve your constipation soon. You can get any seeds such as the sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.

Hence, if you want to get rid of your constipation as soon as possible, you can have one of them. Also, you can have it for your daily consumption as they are rich in fiber.

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