Traditional Medicine for Cough

HealthIn the rainy season, it is common that many people will get a cough. Indeed, of you get this disease, your activities can be disturbed. Even it will disturb your friend as well. That is why you should get the best medicine for your cough. Nowadays, you can choose modern medicine or traditional medicine. If you want to get a modern medicine, you must see the doctor first. Indeed, both medicine can give you a better condition. Meanwhile, when you want to know more about the medicine which has been used since a long time ago, you can read all of the information about traditional cough medicine as in the following passage.

Some Kinds of Traditional Medicine for Cough

In this case, there are some kinds of traditional medicine for a cough. You can choose one of that medicine when you are getting a cough. Thus, what are those traditional herbal used to make your cough be better? To begin with, you can choose honey. As for having been known that honey has been known as one of the best food which all people of all ages can consume. The nutrition in honey actually very good for your body including when you get a cough. Besides, you also can choose salt water as the medicine for a cough. Here, the salt water can help you to reduce the cough symptom itself.

After that, ginger becomes the next herbal in the list of herbs for a cough. The nutrition in ginger indeed will be very nice to decrease the symptoms of this disease. You can consume it as a drink of a dish. Then, you still have tea thyme as another traditional medicine for a cough. Also, licorice root tea is good for you. In summary, with all of those natural medicines mentioned above, you will get well soon from a cough.

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